Sikh Tories are highlighting the need for continued engagement within the community after criticism about the Foreign Secretary’s comments which referred to ‘whisky’ as an example to illustrate an important point concerning free trade between Britain and India; whilst on a Gurdwara visit in Bristol.

A Sikh lady in the sangat (congregation), spoke up as an initiated Sikh who found it insensitive to those who strictly adhere to the Khalsa code of conduct to abstain from all intoxicants.

This highlights a wider perception issue amongst others about Sikh cultural attitudes towards alcohol. We often hear of examples cited by colleagues and friends concerning ‘Sikh’ weddings and parties and the freely available nature of alcohol at such functions.

A spokesperson from “Sikh Tories”, said: “It is important that as Sikhs, we educate people from all walks of life as to our faith, rich heritage and core beliefs. An important element of this is the Sikh philosophy of abstaining from intoxicants including alcohol. Our Gurdwara’s are an important forum for discussion about our faith and principles, and must remain open to people of all political persuasion to ensure there is dialogue and insight into our practices.

We welcome Boris Johnson’s visit to the Gurdwara and hope that he and others are always able to visit our sacred places to learn about and engage with our community. We must embrace such visits and help others develop in their understanding of our core beliefs, rather than seek opportunistic party political points.”


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