About Us

Logo sikh tories blockSikh Tories is a group committed to ensuring the Sikh Voice is heard amongst the centre-right movements within UK Politics. Listening to its members, we will advise, guide and lead from the front in influencing change – whether that’s on Sikh specific issues, issues of injustice or UK based issues affecting our lives as British citizens.

The individuals formed Sikh Tories with the aim to communicate, influence and inspire. Communicate with others in our own community and with centre-right movements; Influence those who are able to bring about change; and Inspire the next generation to get involved with local, national, European and global politics. Each of us believe in this mission, we believe that we can make Great Britain and the world a better place by communicating, influencing and inspiring.

The group has two main objectives

  • To ensure the Sikh Voice is heard within centre-right movements within UK Politics
  • To provide an avenue for Sikhs to be active in centre-right politics – whether that’s campaigning, discussing and debating policies, becoming a candidate for elections, voting, amongst other things